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Desktop Appraisals Based on Data Science, Not Opinions.

The world is rich in real estate data and insight, and it should be accessible to all….fast.

Traditional real estate appraisals have remained unchanged for nearly a century. Failing to keep pace with technology and taking way too long, they’ve become outdated. There’s a better way... Most appraisals these days, rely on just a few comparable sales and zero market analysis, which just isn’t enough data for accurate results. These risky appraisals can be dangerous, leading to missed opportunities and financial losses. We produce desktop appraisals rooted in data science, drawing insights from multiple data sets for an objective, unbiased result. Our evidence-based approach is much faster and ensures that you have the right answers, empowering you to make decisions with absolute certainty.

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Desktop Appraisal

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For those needing a fast, remote certified appraisal. No site visit necessary

USPAP Compliant Report

Data Science Based

Data Driven Market Analysis

Visual Aids/Graphs

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3 Steps to Buy Appraisal

Usually takes less than 10 minutes.

Tell us about you and your property



Read and sign engagement letter




Pay for Appraisal

2 minutes


Our industry-leading delivery times, averaging approximately one business day, are a testament to our F.A.C.T. Promise.

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Data-Driven Excellence

Data doesn’t have opinions or biases; it offers purely objective insights.


A spacedesk appraisal is straightforward and easy to understand. No mysteries here.

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